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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Bitter cold conditions are expected to remain in the region for another week. That’s why Kansas City has opened its convention center as an overnight warming shelter.

Other shelters are not just for the homeless. A lot of folks live in buildings with no heat or inadequate furnaces.

At the downtown Scott Eike Warming Center inside Bartle Hall, organizers tell FOX4 more than 300 people slept in peace and comfort overnight.

“It’s good that the city came in to partner with us,” said Troy Robertson, a volunteer at the warming center.

“The city opened up, but there’s no help in here. We don’t have the proper resources. We need to get these people on their feet. We have until March 17 to get these people to become tax paying citizens again. So we need resources for jobs, resources for social workers, resources for IDs, and resources for stability.”

Masonry contractor J.J. Jones knows what it’s like to be homeless and sleep out in the cold. He says he brought one man to Bartle Hall Thursday night after he found him literally freezing to death on a street corner.

“I was at the warehouse waiting for the boss, and I saw him sit down on this milk crate,” Jones explained. “I left for a couple of hours, didn’t think anything about it. I came back and I don’t know if he had poured something on the ground or what not. But he was literally, I had to peel his jacket away and put him in the truck.”

The overnight shelter closes at 8 a.m. That’s when everybody must be out.

It’s also the time when most of the city’s community centers open as warming shelters.

Warming shelters operated by the Salvation Army don’t open until 10 a.m. But the Salvation Army also provides snacks and water. If you need information on where you can go to warm up, call the United Way’s 211 line.