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LAWRENCE, Kan. — New developments in the case of a missing Prairie Village wife and mom. A warrant was served Tuesday at the family’s second home in Lawrence.

Investigators say they didn’t find what they were hoping for — which was Angela Green.

Green’s daughter, Ellie, said police went through the home and searched the backyard for any sign of her mother.

This comes 10 months into the search for Angela Green. She was last seen in June of 2019 but wasn’t reported as missing until February of this year. Investigators hoped this warrant would bring a break in the case.

The home was purchased by Geoff Green in December of 2019, six months after his wife’s disappearance.

Ellie said she was shocked to get the call investigators would be searching the family’s second home.

“I just saw a bunch of cars there like police cars and other like crime lab. And, and crime scene tape,” she said.

Ellie said officers searched the house and the backyard hoping to find any trace of her mother.

“I was hoping that they would find something that would lead to my mom. Yes. Absolutely,” Ellie said.

She said it was hard to see officers search the home but hoped something would come out of it.

“All I know is that they were just looking for some type of evidence of my mom. Whether that’s like remains, which is really hard to say. So, I know that they looked in the backyard for any sort of evidence of that,” Ellie said.

Police say the search did not turn up any clues, but had credible tips leading them to the property.

“When they told me they, there wasn’t anything major that they found, then it’s relief, but it’s also so much frustration too. I know like they, they’re doing their job, and they just followed up on more leads to try and, so they got the search for him, but it’s frustrating, definitely,” Ellie said.

FOX4 tried to speak with Geoff Green directly but wouldn’t come to the door of his Lawrence home.

Ellie said she’s grateful police haven’t given up on finding her mom.

FOX4 requested the warrant for the Lawrence home. Prairie Village Police denied the request citing an ongoing investigation, Johnson County referred us to the county clerk who has not returned the request at this time. Previous requests for two warrants served at properties connected to Geoff Green have been denied at this time.

Prairie Village Police say they want to hear any credible tip you know of. Due to the timeline of this case it makes the investigation more difficult. You can reach them at (913) 642-6868.