Warrensburg man reunited with prosthetic leg after losing it kayaking

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KNOB NOSTER, Mo. — A Warrensburg man is back sporting his prosthetic leg after days without it.

Last Saturday, Mike Walsh and his family were kayaking at Lake Buteo at Knob Noster State Park. When his boat tipped over and he fell into the water. As he climbed out of danger into another kayak, his artificial limb detached and sank.

“My first thought was that I was happy that I didn’t drown. The prosthetic was a secondary thought,” Mike Walsh said.

Mike and his wife, Nicole, along with family, friends and park rangers started looking right away.

“It was pretty frustrating. The only thing we could think of was what are we going to do now,” Nicole Walsh said.

“It was very upsetting knowing that if I didn’t find it, it would be a very large cost to replace it,” Mike Walsh said.

Mike said replacing it would be $10,000 out of pocket, for something he had recently paid off.

Four days passed without any luck finding his prosthetic leg. But on Thursday, thanks to efforts by the Missouri State Parks rangers, Ozark and Branson Fire departments, Taney County Fire Protection District and the Rockaway Beach Police, Walsh was reunited with his artificial leg.

They explained two divers scoured the lake bottom, reaching and searching until they found it. The Walshes said they’re grateful for the acts of kindness from those they once considered strangers.

“I was extremely grateful that they were willing to take time out of their day and come up and help me find it,” Mike Walsh said.

“Everybody’s all about themselves and nobody in it to help each other. It’s nice to see that they were just in it to help get it back, to help make our family whole again,” Nicole Walsh said.

Now both Mike and Nicole say their faith in people is restored.



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