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GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — Police are looking for a woman they say is talking her way into seniors’ homes and taking their money.

FOX4 told you about the woman last week after she stole from a woman in Lee’s Summit. Now, Warrensburg police say they’re looking for her.

We’ve been seeing comments online about the same scam happening all throughout the metro.

Two neighbors in Grain Valley said she scammed them with a story that touched their hearts. If someone tells you they are helping a child with cancer, most people will offer prayers, help and sometimes even money.

Pat Neubauer and Bob Williams said this woman used a sob story to distract them and made off with hundreds.

“Every day I think I’m going to find something else she took,” Neubauer said.

Neubauer and Williams live in a senior neighborhood in Grain Valley, the type of place police say Laura Johnson likes to target. On Dec. 5, they said they believe Johnson paid them an unexpected visit.

Neubauer said she was waiting for a maid that was supposed to arrive sometime that day, so she wasn’t surprised by the knock on the door. Being disabled, she told the person to come inside without answering the door.

“She came in, and I turned around, and it wasn’t the cleaning lady, and I said, ‘Who are you?'” Neubauer said. “‘You’re not who I was expecting.'”

Williams said before this happened when people knocked, he asked them to come in. But after this experience, he locks both of his doors every day.

“I just motioned for her to come on in, and she did, and she had some little handmade Christmas stuff,” Williams said.

Warrensburg police said Johnson is doing this across the metro and coaxes her way into homes to get hold of seniors’ credit cards and personal information.

Pat and Bob said Johnson told her she was raising money by selling items for a child with Leukemia. They both said the items weren’t very nice, but to help a child in need, they were happy to donate.

“Of course, my old heart just pump, pump, pump,” Neubauer said. “She had three of them with her, and I bought all three of them, and then she wanted to know if she could use my bathroom.”

Neubauer said she made off with an envelope of around $200 in cash. Williams said he bought a Christmas mug from her and then she distracted him.

“I just laid my billfold down there, and I went in and got her an aspirin,” he said. “She said she had a headache.”

It wasn’t until later they realized they’d both donated more than they expected.

“She left, and I didn’t notice the money gone until the next day when I got to get the money out of my wallet,” Neubauer said.

“I noticed I’d laid my billfold over there, and I picked it up and noticed it was real thin, and she had went through and took everything out of it,” Williams said. “My drivers license, social security, and about $200 in money.”

Both neighbors hope police find her and she faces charges.

“I pray that she finds a different vocation,” Neubauer said. “She’d be good I guess at fundraising because she’s raised a lot of them.”

“Be alert for that kind of stuff, and don’t take for granted that everything’s alright, and nothing like that’s going to happen to me — because it will,” Williams said.

She’s known to drive a silver Pontiac G6. Warrensburg police said you should contact them if you see her and let your elderly friends and family know about her. Show them her picture in case she knocks on their door.

Johnson was charged in Johnson County back in October for stealing more than $750 or more and fraudulent use of a credit or debit device. There is a warrant for her arrest.