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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Dozens of Kansas City men pushed, pulled, ran and jumped their way through NFL like combines on Saturday morning. Their opponent was an unseen enemy that any one of them may face someday.

David Emerson’s face is gaunt from chemotherapy-induced weight loss. His voice is determined as he tells his story of advanced prostate cancer to a group of strong, muscled, fleet-footed men. He knows he can’t bench press 135 pounds. He can’t jump high. Every athlete sees Emerson as the true warrior.

“He has put himself out there with experimental drug treatments that the side effects aren’t always the best,” said FOX 4 anchor John Holt.  “In a way he is paving the way for men in the future.”

FOX 4 anchor John Holt met Emerson during his own fight with prostate cancer.  He came to support Emerson’s Foundation, Faith, Love, Hope and Win.

“Prostate cancer when caught early, very treatable,” Holt said. “Advanced prostate cancer very difficult to treat. So, in a way he is saving lives and that is pretty cool thing.”

David Emerson’s 15-year-old son Brad watches and learns. He knows prostate cancer is hereditary but he is learning how to beat it from the best.

“He didn’t give up when he got diagnosed,” Brad said. “He wanted to do something about it and help others.”

Most people with advanced state prostate cancer aren’t still standing after more than seven years.

“Getting a check up is not something that is embarrassing,” Emerson said.

Faith, Hope, Love, Win has raised more than $225,000 for cancer research.

“This isn’t about me,” said David Emerson. “It’s about everybody else. “Trying to get people aware and get healthier. hopefully through the foundation do something to rid the world of prostate cancer.”

Emerson is an inspiration to everyone involved because he is engaging in the bigger war that could eventually save millions.