WATCH and LISTEN: Boy giggles at the thrill of every sound after getting hearing aid


Dylan courtesy WTVR

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RICHMOND, Va. — The sound of a baby’s giggle is one of a parent’s favorite joys, and its something two mothers in Virginia are hearing a lot more of since Christmas.

The women, India Lipton and Shirley Lesser, had a baby together on Valentine’s Day 2012 and named him Dylan Eli. Dylan was 11 weeks premature and weighed only three pounds. He couldn’t breathe on his own, suffered from a bacterial infection and had 15 brain surgeries. His health issues were causing him to grow deaf.

“He doesn’t have the same start that everyone should get,” said mom India Lipton. “They had to do a lot of work just to keep him alive.”

But then at Christmas time 2013, doctors at Virginia Commonwealth University Health Center suggested fitting Dylan’s tiny ears with hearing aids.

“Very quickly he went from what is this to oh my god this is wonderful. none of us expected the joyful expression that we got,” said Shirley.

CLICK HERE to watch the exclusive story and wonderful video from FOX 4 sister station WTVR in Richmond… see Dylan’s struggle, but then hear his giggle.

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