WATCH: Firefighter pulls off romantic proposal during ordinary school fire drill

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NORTH CANTON, Ohio – A firefighter in Ohio made a romantic proposal for his now fiancé out of an ordinary school fire drill.

***See full proposal video below***

According to FOX 4’s sister station WJW in Cleveland, Justin Deierling spent the first couple weeks of March planning a proposal to his girlfriend, Megan Zahorec, who works as an elementary school counselor.

The two met while volunteering at a fire station walk-a-thon for kids. They were passing water out to kids, and Deierling said he was struck by the way Zahorec was interacting with them. He said he knew she was someone special by those first moments he spent with her.

Deierling wanted to make it a point to include the kids at Zahorec’s school in his proposal, since they were such a big part of why they met. So he planned the proposal during a fire drill at the school and using the fire truck as a prop, asked Zahorec to marry him in front of her school’s students and staff.

Deierling also brought about 600 Ring Pops to share with every singe one the students.

Watch the whole proposal video shot by Deierling’s brother below:

CLICK HERE to read more content on this story from FOX 4’s sister station WJW.

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