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KATMAI NATIONAL PARK, Alaska — Stressed out? Need something to watch, but tired of listening to TV commercials shouting at you?

Take a mental trip to Alaska and check out the Live Cams, where the brown bears have returned to Brooks Falls to feast on salmon as they begin the annual swim upstream.

Take a break from work and enjoy the soothing sounds of the rushing stream and the tranquil bears just doing what bears do.

Rangers say action at the falls is usually slow throughout June — mating season, but by July, the river will be teeming with silver sockeye salmon… and hungry bears.

And when there’s not much live action at the falls, they have meditation videos — something of a “highlight reel” of the past few days’ livestreams.

It’s beautiful and thrilling to see pure, unbridled nature. has a lot of live cams; you can also watch bald eagle chicks, pandas at play, and more. They also occasionally feature live chats with Katmai Rangers.