WATCH: Man finds half-frozen falcon, releases it after miraculous recovery


BATON ROUGE, La. — Here’s a story to warm your heart on this cold, cold morning.

Travis Moore lives in Spanish Town, BRPROUD reported. Despite the cold weather on Monday, the he decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood to see the ice after a sleet storm.

While looking for icy formations, Moore found a falcon sitting on a neighbor’s fence. He thought it was on the hunt, but friends soon alerted him that the bird had fallen onto the road.

Moore realized something was wrong. A closer inspection showed that the falcon was half-frozen, ice gripping its wings.

The falcon was gently captured with the help of a towel and taken inside Moore’s home. Once inside, Moore’s wife helped cover the falcon in warm towels and put it in the tub.

The falcon was given space to recover, and after awhile, it became more alert.

“With the advice of a fellow bird lover, it was suggested we either hold the bird till the morning or release before it got dark as long as it could fully function,” Moore said.

With that in mind, the falcon looked like it could fly again late in the afternoon.

As you can see in the video below, the falcon was taken near the Louisiana State Capitol and released.

“We see hawks and falcons around the Capitol, so assumed releasing it with those landmarks in sight it would be able to realign itself the quickest,” Moore said.



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