Ways to remember 9/11 in the Kansas City metro as 2020 ceremonies go virtual


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Today, we remember and honor those who served and died in the attacks on 9/11. Nineteen years later, we never forget.

In New York City today — there will be no stages set up at the memorial site, unlike in years past. There will be no live reading of the victims’ names. Instead, the ceremony will be pre-recorded, and streamed online.

However, victims’ families will be invited to the site today — and their families will be allowed inside the new 9-11 memorial museum. Twin beams of light will light the sky from dawn to dusk to honor the victims.

In the Kansas City metro, Overland Park’s annual ceremony will take place without an in-person audience. You can watch a live stream of the memorial events on the City of Overland Park Facebook page. That starts at 7:30 a.m.

And in Olathe — a piece of steel from the world trade center is part of a new display outside the Indian Creek Library. The display is set up near the front desk. You can check it out through September 18th. The library is near the Santa Fe square shopping center on 135th street.

FOX4’s Mark Alford is also emceeing the annual remembrance ceremony for first responders in the metro. See the virtual ceremony in the video embedded in this story.



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