‘We all stand in solidarity together’: many gather for women’s rights rally in KC


KANSAS CITY, Mo. –Hundreds of women came together on Saturday for a Women’s Rights Rally at Mill Creek Park.

Organizers say it was needed more now than ever.

Justice Gatson, the organizer of the rally says the purpose of Saturday’s event was “to make sure that the rights of women are protected in this country.”

Gatson says that women’s voting and reproductive rights are being attacked by the Trump administration.

“Abortion rights, equal access, civil rights, from this administration from the top down,” Gatson said.

Gatson believes the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the supreme court would be devastating for women’s reproductive rights.

FOX4 spoke to several women who attended the rally and they said it made them they weren’t alone.

“My feelings of feeling suppressed at times and feeling empowered in other times. That I’m not alone in that,” Stephenie Smith said.

“It shows that we stand up, and that we all stand in solidarity together. And that’s the way everything should be,” Emily Weber said.

Speakers shared motivational speeches and several musicians performed in front of the eager crowd.



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