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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After devastating tornados ripped across the mid-south Operation BBQ Relief is on the way to help.

They already have a crew down there and sent another set of resources late Sunday, as they plan to open up an entire mobile kitchen for those that need the help. For them it’s not just another disaster, but one that hits close to home.

“Having a volunteer who, you know, having come in contact us with saying, ‘Hey, this is my hometown,’ wanting to help his friends and family that he grew up with,” said Stan Hays, Co–Founder and CEO of the Operation Bar-B-Q Relief.

The nonprofit responded accordingly, knowing this is only the beginning of what will ultimately be a long recovery process.

“Right now we’re in that first, you know, 24 hours of what we call the 72 hours of chaos, of getting on the ground, really starting to see what is happening, what the needs are in that community,” Hays said.

The group is able to provide up to 25,000 meals per day, deploying multiple teams to Mayfield, Kentucky within hours of the tornados touching down.

“We’ve been loading equipment the last two days, essentially, to get on the road to Mayfield, Kentucky,” Hays said.

From Kansas City, Missouri to neighborhoods flattened by a historic storm, Hays knows the only way we get through this is together.

“We can do so much more together than we can divided. So we need to reach out, you know, to one another,” Hays said.

The founder of Operation Bar-B-Q Relief says they are working with nonprofits in the area to see where their help is most needed. They expect more than 200 volunteers to be on the ground assisting.