Weather taking a bite out of local home and garden businesses

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WESTPORT, Mo. — The nice weather we’ve had recently has had many people wanting to get out and do some yard work.

But when it comes to flowers, many would-be gardeners are having to wait.

Many homeowners may be already seeing growing green things popping up from the ground.  The flowers may know it’s spring.  But it seems like Mother Nature doesn’t know it and that’s making things a little tricky for local businesses.

When you think spring, you think outdoor work.  You think flowers.  But it appears that this year, the pesky old ground hog lied.

“We are stalking up for the garden, so we can get started.  At least we thought,” said Rosie Ruzicka.

People like Ruzicka spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the ACE Hardware in Westport.

“I’m picking up rocks for potted plants,” she said.

However, getting started in her community garden will have to wait.

“We have 90 or something sprouts already.  I guess we will be waiting a week, holding down the fort until the sun is willing to stay clear in the sky,” Ruzicka told FOX 4 News.

For hardware stores, this is usually a busy time for them when it comes to flowers.

“It would be packed full of pretty flowers and tons of colors,” said Joshua Kilpach, a customer.

But the flower selection at the store looked pretty dismal.

“Right now, we just have in some cold weather plants.  They are hearty up to a certain degree,” explained Ace Hardware’s Logan Bussell.

For weeks, stores like Ace have pushed back the delivery of flowersm not knowling what Mother Nature may still throw our way.

And once again, she’s thrown us a curve ball — more cold weather is on the way.

“It’s a fight.  It’s a fight.  We are ready for spring and I know customers are, so we try to bring in more colors,” Russell said.

Keeping your plants safe could be as easy as just using a tarp or even old blankets to cover them and to try keep the cold temps away from them.



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