Week-old infant stops breathing, neighbor saves his life

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AKRON, Ohio – An Ohio man is being called a hero after his neighbors say he saved their week-old baby’s life.

Jason Duncan, who lives next-door to Bobbi Jo and Dustin Hostler, said he was watching TV last Friday when his neighbors started banging on his door, according to FOX 4’s sister station FOX 8 in Cleveland.

Duncan said he opened the door to find his neighbors holding their seven-day-old baby, Logan, who at the time was turning blue and purple because he had choked on spit-up after being fed and stopped breathing.

Duncan, who works in the radiology department at Akron Children’s Hospital and is certified in CPR, went into action immediately taking the baby from the Hostlers. He began to administer CPR on the infant as his terrified parents watched.

“I grabbed a nasal aspirator and suctioned. Then I gave him breath, tipped him back over again, suctioned again, and then he started to breathe a little,” Duncan told FOX 8.

In the meanwhile, Duncan’s wife, Krista, called 911.

“All of sudden Logan started crying. I’ve never been so happy to hear a baby cry before,” said Duncan.

The baby was taken to an area hospital and was released the next day. According to FOX 8’s report, the baby was reported as doing “just fine.”

The infant’s father, Dustin Hostler, says the feeling he felt during the ordeal “pales in comparison” to his experiences as a solider in Iraq.

Duncan says he was just doing what he hopes someone would do for his own children.

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