LIBERTY, Mo. — Clean-up continued Monday in Liberty after Saturday morning storms caused last-minute cancellations and widespread damage.

Trees were downed. Quarter-sized hail battered roofs and car hoods. A storm report released by the National Weather Service now confirms the weather to be from a microburst.

Power crews out circulated in the area on Monday as most people FOX4 spoke to said their electricity was back on. Now, they say it’s a matter of checking out their cars and roofs to look at hail damage.

Headed into downtown Liberty, the sounds of chainsaws persist. This is another area where straight-line winds shifted power lines to be not-so-straight.

Crews moved to replace one pole on South Gallatin Street. Just across the way is Classy Chocolate, a business expecting foot traffic from Saturday morning’s planned Fall Fest and parade.

“They were already lined up and ready to go. All of the kids were ready in their positions and everything,” Shari Metcalf, owner of Classy Chocolate, said.

“It was crazy here. The winds were terrible. First of all, the parade was canceled, and it didn’t look like it was that bad, and then, out of nowhere, it started to pour, and then the winds were crazy. And then the hail came, and the pieces were probably about this big,” Metcalf said, making a quarter-sized shape with her hand.

Randy Venus with “Venus Tree” service worked on one cul-de-sac hit especially hard with crunched mailboxes and clipped power lines. He said during the past 48 hours, he’s cleared a massive amount of debris.

“They had some limbs in the backyard. One or two on the house,” Venus said. “We’ve been busy. Trees down left and right. Just piles and piles everywhere.”

“Liberty wasn’t expecting it. They had a microburst come through, and they had several pockets of hail,” Venus said.