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MISSION, Kan. – A Mission weight loss surgeon has left his patients with no care, no contact information, and in confusion. The Malley Surgical Weight Loss Center was open earlier this week, and it was business as usual. It wasn’t until a group of patients showed up for appointments Thursday that they learned the office was empty.

Based on court documents, it appears Malley was forced to close due to owing nearly $80,000 in rent and other fees. A patient told us a cleaning crew at the office off 58th and Lamar saw the doctor pack up his stuff in the middle of the night.

The sudden disappearance has left patients like Bob Foster very concerned.

“If I have a problem, he’s the guy I need to go to to talk, and now I feel like that he’s not available for me. He has my medical records. There are a lot of questions,” Foster said.

Dr. Stephen Malley was also on staff at Menorah Medical Center. A spokesperson told FOX 4 he no longer works there.

Update — The weight loss center says its now working with patients after it unexpectedly closed its doors. Dr. Malley said the landlord evicted him. Court documents show Malley owed nearly $80,000 in rent and other fees and was forced to close. Malley said he’s now looking for a new place to open shop.