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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Family members of 19-year-old woman who was recently killed, held a fundraiser on Saturday to help pay for the funeral expenses.

Daisy Martinez was shot and killed Wednesday night near 26th street and Southwest Boulevard during a Mexican Independence Day celebration.

Her family said she was an innocent bystander.

It’s a situation family and friends of Daisy Martinez never thought they’d be in.

“I’ve never expected my cousin to be killed like that and I didn’t expect it at all,” Monicaa Ibarra, Martinez’s cousin, said.

Family and friends of Martinez were raising money to give her a proper goodbye.

“So far raised we raised $2,500 at the carwash,” Franchesca Salas, Martinez’s Aunt, said. “We’ve been here since 10 in the morning.”

Family and friends told FOX4 News a suspect is now in custody.

Police believe the celebration turned into an event called a sideshow — with car spinouts as part of the celebration.

Pavement at the crime scene shows burned rubber marks. Last Saturday, hundreds showed up at that same intersection and blocked both sides of the street for more than an hour before police showed up.

“At this point we’re not even angry,” Salas said. “We’re all numb to it. We know something has to give.”

They’re using the car wash fundraiser to spread awareness on gun violence in KCMO.

“She’s 142 on homicides for Kansas City, MO which is super high,” Salas said. “She was full of life, energetic, she was young, and she was fierce.”

Daisy is being recognized and she is not the only woman that has been killed,” Ibarra said.

The family said it is the community’s support that is helping them cope with the heart wrenching reality.

“I mean honestly we are just very grateful,” Salas said. “We are all from Northeast, so it was a beautiful thing to see – different people, different communities, different age groups.”