‘We’re going to find you’: Thieves target business of metro man behind Stolen KC page

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LENEXA, Kan. – The man behind the popular Facebook page Stolen KC became the victim of a theft Wednesday afternoon.

David Brucker owns a lawn care service. One of his crews was cutting grass at a property near College and Pflumm and left the door to their work truck open.

“We should have made sure our door was shut and locked,” Brucker said. “Theft is always a crime of opportunity.”

However, surveillance cameras were rolling. The footage shows two men in red or orange shirts hop out of a minivan and run toward the work truck. Seconds later, they’re seen scurrying away with two weed eaters and blowers, worth an estimated $1,500.

“It’s definitely a hit,” Brucker said. “They grab whatever they can and pull away before the doors are even closed.”

The theft took less than 30 seconds. See the surveillance footage in the video player above.

“It’s people just victimizing hardworking people out there trying to make a living,” Brucker said.

He said this kind of theft is common in the lawn service industry.

“What they do is they’ll see people working on a larger property and drive around looking for that truck and trailer, and they’ll take advantage of the fact the guys might be separate from that vehicle, run up, grab whatever they can in a frantic pace and take off,” Brucker explained.

But these thieves might have messed with the wrong company this time.

Brucker founded Stolen KC, an online victim advocacy forum, five years ago after thieves stole two of his work trucks. The Facebook page now has more than 112,000 followers.

“You don’t have to necessarily see the physical features of someone’s face, but you recognize how they might move, how they carry themselves,” Brucker said referencing the surveillance video, which he posted on his page. “Someone who knows these people knows it immediately.”

He shared a warning to the two men in the video.

“We’re going to find you. It’s just a matter of time, but make it easier on yourself now and don’t disgrace yourself to the point you’ll have trouble finding a job in the future,” Bruker said.

The minivan the two men were in is believed to be a gold or silver Town and Country with Missouri license plates.

If you recognize them, call Lenexa police.



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