‘We’re going to get you’: East KC neighbors hope illegal dumping ends as crews clean up mess

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Neighbors in Kansas City’s Oak Park neighborhood say they’re relieved after a large lot of illegally dumped items was finally cleaned up.

People living near E. 46th Street and Prospect Avenue said they’ve been complaining about a mound of illegally dumped items, including, tires, cars, mattresses and trash bags, for years.

On Thursday morning, city crews came to help clean up the mess, even though it’s on private property.

“It’s definitely a great help. Hopefully the person or persons who is doing this will see, that’s over! It’s done. This is our community and keep it up,” said Craig Jamierson Sr., the owner of the lot who reported the dumping.

Jamierson said as the trash grew, so did his frustrations. He was paying $600 or more every few months for contractors to professionally clean up the area.

“We’re paying out, and we’re not doing it. We’re going to court and taking time out of our day for something we are not doing,” Jamierson said. “This is great. [The city] came through and took care of it this time.”

Pat Clarke is leading the neighborhood push to keep not only this street, but all the streets in the Oak Park neighborhood clean.

He said they’re taking note and taking necessary action to prevent the dumping from happening again.

“We picked up trash with addresses of people that don’t even belong around here, as well as the ones that do live around here,” Clarke said. “We are asking the prosecutor to prosecute because maybe then they’ll decide or think twice before they dump again. We’re going to get you.”

Kansas City’s illegal dumping investigator Alan Ashurst said they’ll be interviewing the potential suspects and working to trace the dumpers through the addresses and other personal information found.

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