Weston farm donating portion of beef profits to veterans group ahead of Memorial Day

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WESTON, Mo. – The owner of a Weston cattle company is using the success of his business to give back to veterans leading up to Memorial Day.

Patrick Montgomery, an Army veteran, founded KC Cattle Company two years ago. Summer is the second busiest time of the year for his cattle farm.

“Once the nice weather comes out people break out their barbecues and start putting steaks on the grill again, doing the burgers and the hot dogs,” Montgomery said. “We’ll probably sling out about 36,000 pounds of beef just in the summertime.”

Since Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summer, Montgomery decided to grill with gratitude leading up to the holiday, which honors our fallen military men and woman. He’s donating a portion of his profits through Sunday to veterans who are still living.

“What we’re doing this week is donating four dollars from every pound of ground beef sold to War Horses for Veterans,” he said.

War Horses for Veterans is an equine-based non-profit in Johnson County, Kansas that shows combat veterans the basics of horsemanship. Patrick Benson served in the Army for six years before co-founding the organization.

“Horses are the bridge and veterans are their own best therapy,” Benson said.

The free 3-4-day program is designed to teach networking and personal growth; the horses allow veterans to work through their struggles.

“Horses don’t judge. They are a mirror of our own emotions and at the same time, to really get a horse to connect and work with you and be a partner you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable and they have to trust you,” Benson explained.

He said Montgomery’s generosity will change lives, adding that “the impact is priceless.”

It’s humbling to hear for a man who started his company after losing his brother-in-law.

“My brother-in-law was killed in Afghanistan and I had the honor of bringing him home and so this time of year, Memorial Day, it’s always kind of a tough time of the year,” Montgomery said.

His hope for anyone celebrating this holiday weekend is to not only enjoy the time with family and friends, but to also remember the true meaning of Memorial Day.

“Take a moment when you’re drinking a beer or enjoying that delicious burger to think about the guys who are no longer here and that’s what Memorial Day is truly about,” he said.

Montgomery estimates he’s given back close to $10,000 to charities since starting his business two years ago. You can learn more about KC Cattle Company, by clicking here.

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