Westport shop teams up with Salvation Army for National Doughnut Day


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s National Doughnut Day, and you still have time to get free doughnut at your favorite doughnut shop. 

The workers at Donutology in Westport have been extra busy today making their usual assortment of donuts. They’ve teamed up with the Salvation Army, allowing a ringer to raise money in a red kettle out front. 

The Salvation Army started this day in 1938 to honor the volunteers who fed American soldiers donuts in the trenches during World War I. They would fill helmets with oil and fry the dough over the fire. 

“We are so thankful for all the work that Salvation Army does and also the work that they did in bringing donuts to America,” Andrew Cameron, owner of Donutology, said. “Here we are, 100 years later being able to enjoy a good donut.”

So which is it, “doughnut” or “donut”? Well, both are correct, but donut is the more informal of the two. The original celebration appears to have used “doughnut” for National Doughnut Day, and AP style also recommends the longer version.

But then again, donuts have never really been a food of formality.

Find out where you can score doughnut deals throughout the Kansas City metro in the link.

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