Westside Storey stocking up on “Big Red” gear

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Metro designers are heading back to the drawing board, making sure fans are geared up for the playoffs.  Area businesses are working around the clock to get their shelves stocked full of Chiefs gear and local shop Westside Storey is creating red tees unlike any other.

“It’s big, it’s red. It’s Andy Reid what more do you need?” employee Timothy Williams asked.

It’s one of Westside Storey’s newest designs, a shirt fans can’t get enough of right in time for playoffs.

“I love the shirt. Andy Reid’s the man he brought us to the promise land. Reid is awesome. I think this shirt really commemorates him on our season,” Williams said.

But it’s only the beginning as local designers are working to create new Chiefs attire. Employees say the Royals reign prepared them for this as tshirts flew off the shelves. This time, it’s all about the red.

“I think what the Royals did showed the Chiefs what could happen if something special happens with them.”

Plaza statues are even sporting jerseys, flags at every stop — a type of support system that is spreading all over the metro.

“It’s exciting. It’s really cool and special from what Kansas City is doing with all of sports between sporting Kansas City, the royals of course and now the Chiefs. It’s really An awesome time to be in Kansas City,” Williams said.

Employees might be having to work a little overtime but it’s been 22 years since the Chiefs have gotten this far and this time they want fans to be ready.

“I think the Chiefs are going all the way. Super Bowl. Yes. Happening.”



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