Wet, cooler weather impacting visitors, businesses that thrive on sunshine

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Memorial Day weekend is typically considered the unofficial start to summer,  but this weekend, many are looking at soggy forecasts, festivals canceled, and attractions closed.

“It’s not been fun,” said Courtney Klotz, with Custard’s Last Stand.

Not only has a long winter and soggy spring that’s come with severe flooding and storms been a headache, it’s causing a serious slowdown for businesses that thrive on sunshine.

“Its been and has had major impact from not just us but all the dealers in the area,” said Jeff Siems, owner of Blue Springs Marine.

Blue Springs Marine says sales and service calls are slow because the wet weather and flooding have left many people unable to get out on the water.  Some private lakes in the area have had even had to close.

“We’ve only had three good Saturdays since January where it wasn’t raining and the sun was out and it was nice, and you can see people’s excitement comes back but then the rain comes back and it just goes away,” said Siems.

Huck Bowles and his wife are on a cross-country road trip from Virginia to Montana to check out breweries and beer festivals.  Severe weather in the Midwest has made camping kind of scary.

“We get up in the morning and everybody’s texting us asking if we’re okay.  We get up and look at the news and apparently tornadoes were within a few miles of us,” Bowles said.

They camped overnight in Blue Springs but didn’t get to check out the beach, because flooding is keeping it closed for at least another week.

” A lot of people are like, where’s my summer? I get it!  It is Memorial Day weekend and everybody’s looking forward to the beach and fun and we probably aren’t going to see a beach for a while,” Bowles said.

While the summer sun’s not been shining, ice cream sales aren’t suffering.

Thanks to a drive-thru and apps like Grub Hub, Custard’s Last Stand says plenty of people are still satisfying their sweet tooth.

“Honestly it’s so shocking.  I don’t want to get out in the rain and get ice cream but people do.  I guess they just really love their custard but it’s weird,” Klotz said.

But she and many others are still hoping it dries out and warms up soon so summer fun can begin.

“I’m ready for just some stable weather so we can all get things back to normal,” said Siems.



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