Wet weather keeps flooded Weston business from getting completely back on its feet

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WESTON, Mo. – After flooding in March, one Weston business is still trying to come up for air.

Orville Fulk runs Sur-Gro Plant Food Company off Main Street. More rain is the last thing he wants right now.

“This water line that we had at the flood, it’s just over 3 feet,” he said, pointing to a line on the inside wall of his office. “We had to have FEMA come in and measure it before we could clean the place up.”

They’re still open and running, but they’re playing catch-up.

“With it raining, we can’t catch up,” he Fulk said. “All we’re doing is reloading our material, repairing trucks, and getting ready for when it does dry up.”

While floods brought their work to a halt in March, Fulk doesn’t think this week’s rain will have quite the same impact.

“It’s more about what’s happening north of us than what’s actually happening right here in Weston,” he said.

Parts of Interstate 29 north of St. Joseph are still shut down.

“They’re going to have recurring problems up there for the foreseeable future,” Fulk said. “Building a levee is not walking out there in 10 minutes and building one. This is going to be all summer and fall long.”

Fulk said the building has flooded five times since 1993.



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