What Google says people ask most often about Kansas and Missouri


Courtesy: @Amazing_Maps

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Why is Missouri so conservative? And why is Kansas so flat?

These are the stereotypes of our home states and like it or not, it’s apparently what we’re known for and what people want explained.

A Twitter account @Amazing_Maps conducted a project by entering the words: “Why is (insert state here) so….. ?

Google auto-completes the phrase with the word people most commonly write in the search bar next to the state, according to Huffington Post.

So, basically, according to Google, we can be assured (or troubled) that Google-users are asking the questions:

“Why is Kansas so flat?” and “Why is Missouri so conservative?”

It could be worse. People most often ask Google why Illinois is so…. ‘corrupt’. Or why Nebraska is so…. ‘boring.’



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