WICHITA, Kan. — Kansas beat out several neighboring states, including Missouri, in a report ranking the “Best States to Live In.”

The report from WalletHub ranks Kansas as 20th out of all 50 states. Missouri came in at 34th on the list.

Kansas was ranked 25th in affordability, 19th in economy, 27th in education and health, 22nd in quality of life, and 26th in safety.

Missouri came in at 4th in affordability, 29th in economy, 34th in education and health, 25th in quality of life, and 40th in safety.

Those four indicators were used to rank each state, with each broken down into separate data points, like affordable housing, where Kansas came in 4th overall in the nation.

Nebraska was ranked 23rd on the list, and Oklahoma came out near the bottom at 46th. Colorado was ranked 18th, with affordability at 26, but coming in 10th place in the three remaining indicators.

Here are the states in the top 10 States:

1. Massachusetts
2. New Jersey
3. New Hampshire
4. New York
5. Wyoming

6. Florida
7. Virginia
8. Idaho
9. Wisconsin
10. Minnesota

Here are the states ranked in the bottom 10:

1. West Virginia
2. Kentucky
3. Alabama
4. South Carolina
5. Arkansas

6. Oklahoma
7. Mississippi
8. Louisiana
9. Alaska
10. New Mexico

To read the full report, including a breakdown of the data, click here.