Where to see Missouri’s fall colors and how to track the changes


Wet, bright leaves of maple lie on the grass.

ST. LOUIS — Foresters from all over Missouri have been showing people the fall colors via a weekly online update.

“The fall color report is a great resource for those wanting to enjoy the changing foliage,” Missouri Department Conservation Community Forester Ann Koenig said. “It shows users where trees are beginning to turn and also suggests the best places to view the changing leaves.”

Many may think that the colors of fall are a given, but the MDC said that they can “vary from year to year depending on the weather.”

Cold nights are necessary for the leaves to change. The sugars made during photosynthesis get trapped inside the leaves. The cold temperatures breakdown the greens that then turn into the beautiful colors people see in autumn.

“MDC’s conservation areas or Missouri state parks offer great scenic views for the public to enjoy the changing leaves,” said Koenig.

MDC’s weekly fall color update, available at mdc.mo.gov/fallcolor, include where people can go view them. The fall color update is going on now through November.

While none of the colors have started to change yet, the web page will be consistently updated over the next two months to reflect various parts of the state.




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