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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Snow fall is winding down Wednesday in the Kansas City area, and so far 2 to 4-plus inches have fallen in many areas.

However, a Winter Storm Warning is still in effect as some parts of the metro will see another wave of snow later in the day and overnight.

Now, cities all over the KC area have crews working diligently to clear streets. Interstates and major city streets will take priority, and then crews will get to work on residential roads.

Many large cities in the metro allow residents to track snow plow routes in real time, see whether or not streets have been cleared, or at least provide information on snow plans and priorities.

If you’d like to check the progress of snow plows in your neighborhood, visit the appropriate link below:

If you have to travel across Kansas or Missouri, check out these traveler maps that show current conditions, and whether Kansas City-area interstates and highways are covered in snow: