KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The “T” in “Western” on the Western Auto Lofts building is lit back up again after it had been out at the end of the summer and this fall.

At 10:15 p.m. Tuesday, Mayor Quinton Lucas put out a video on X, formerly Twitter, showing the letter was lit again.

“So we were able to bring in Midwest Sign Company yesterday morning, and they were able to put together a pretty quick fix,” Western Auto Lofts Homeowners Association president Chad Burney told FOX4 Wednesday.

Burney’s group is in charge of maintaining the sign. On the Thursday Night Football broadcast of the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs game, broadcaster Al Michaels brought attention to the letter being out.

It quickly led to comments on social media and plenty of calls for Burney.

“We’ve got a pretty good partnership with that company, Midwest Sign,” Burney added. “So they were willing to take care of us on this one, and that way, we can probably work it into the cost of the upcoming maintenance, but they were willing to get us taken care of for now.”

FOX4 also talked to Midwest Sign’s install manager Jeremy Reeder, who was on the roof of the building Tuesday morning.

“We found out about it from our local neon guy who blows all of our glass for us,” Reeder said Wednesday. 

Midwest Sign Company helps restore old, exposed neon signs like Western Auto’s.

“It’s just so much voltage that what happens sometimes is water can get in the housings of them, and it can deteriorate it and corrode it, and then the wiring itself just because of how much voltage goes through there can literally just burn up,” Reeder continued.

“So I think in this case, that’s exactly what happens. We just had to replace the wiring. Luckily for us and for everybody, it was an easy fix and a quick fix.”

Burney called the fix temporary, saying more work will need to be done on the sign in the future. There are about 3,000 bulbs in the sign alone. He didn’t know how much the upcoming maintenance would cost. 

On Tuesday, Lucas said the city has been in communication with the homeowners association, and they’re working on a long-term fix for sign.