Which Vic is which? Local state house candidate ordered to drop ‘Pick Vic’ campaign ad

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PARKVILLE, Mo. — Two metro men share the same first name, but that’s about all they have in common.

Vic Abundis, a Democrat running for the Missouri House of Representatives, has been ordered to drop all campaign literature that mentions “Pick Vic.”

The cease and desist order, oddly enough, is coming from the man who is the current incumbent for that District 13 house seat that covers much of Platte County. Vic Allred, who is not running for reelection, is remaining vigilant over his trademark for the slogan “Pick Vic.”

“It is completely crazy,” Abundis said.

Allred dropped out of the race for the District 13 seat in August. But on Saturday, Abundis received paperwork ordering him to immediately stop using the phrase. Allred’s attorneys included paperwork that show the phrase is trademarked.

Abundis said he will abide by the decree.

“We will cease and desist, as the letters says, as silly as it is,” Abundis said.

FOX4 made several attempts to reach Allred on Friday, but we did not hear back. Efforts to reach Sean Pouche, the Republican who is challenging Abundis, were also unsuccessful.

Abundis, who is a teacher at Park Hill High School, jokingly wonders if the legal flap over a slogan could wind up making him the lone victor on election day.

“I was talking to a government class today about paid media and earned media,” Abundis said, “and I’m getting free earned media. Vic Allred and the Platte County GOP, thanks to you guys for sending me this cease and desist letter.”

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