KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For months, retailers have been struggling to keep baby formula on their shelves.

President Joe Biden announced Thursday what his administration is doing to tackle on the formula shortage.

It’s been a rough few months as mothers have struggled finding formula for their babies. Some driving hours to pick some up and some even turning to lactation consultants to help them. All in all, mothers say they hope this formula crisis ends soon.

As the infant formula shortage continues. Some moms are turning to lactation consultants for help with breastfeeding or relactation, which is the process of restarting breastfeeding after a mom has stopped.

“Many parents are reaching out and are desperate. And it’s kind of challenging, because if you try to relactate, it takes a little bit time. It’s not like, overnight, but it’s possible,” Petra Saidi, an International Board-Certified Lactation Specialist with Midwest Lactation said.“

But Petra Saidi knows for some mothers, for a variety of reasons, their bodies cannot lactate or relactate. And with formula hard to come by it adds to the stress.

“It is it is hard, and it can be even more challenging mentally and emotionally,” she said.

The nationwide shortage was compounded after a recall shut down a major formula producer in February on top of inflation and supply chain problems.

The White House announced Thursday Biden is working with manufacturers and retailers including Walmart, Target, and Gerber to come up with solutions to end the shortage.

“It’s unacceptable to the President. And that’s why his administration is working around the clock 24/7, to take actions to increase availability of safe and effective infant formula onto the market,” Kevin Munoz, the assistant White House press secretary said. “We have been working closely with manufacturers to expand hours of operation of sites or making sure production lines are being optimized.”

The Biden Administration said it is also cracking down on any price gouging or unfair market practices such as hoarding formula products. Plus, it is looking at measures to import formula products from abroad.

“These are just general steps going off what we’ve done to date, and the President is not done. We’re not going to be ready or satisfied with this process until stock shelves are fully stocked,” Munoz said.

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