White mother sues sperm bank for receiving black donor’s sperm

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UNIONTOWN, Ohio — An Ohio woman is suing a Chicago sperm bank after becoming inseminated with sperm from an African American, despite clarifying she wanted sperm from a white donor.

FOX 8 reports Jennifer Cramblett, and her same-sex partner Amanda Zinkon, fear their now two-year-old daughter will experience discrimination in their “all-white community” and will even experience discrimination in their own “often unconsciously insensitive family.”

Jennifer and Amanda said they bonded with their daughter Payton easily and that they love her very much, but the lawsuit states: “Jennifer lives each day with fears, anxieties and uncertainty about her future and Payton’s future.” One of those fears is enrolling Payton in an all-white school.

The lawsuit asks for compensatory damages exceeding $50,000.

FOX 8 reports the sperm bank, Midest Sperm Bank, cannot comment due to the pending litigation.




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