KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City realtor needs your help. Her client found old photos tucked away in a Waldo basement. She’s hoping FOX4 viewers may be able to get these memories back to their rightful owner.

The biggest clue: A photo of a woman named Jenny, and that’s all we really know. An envelope of photos literally dropped from the ceiling from the rafters.

Every family leaves a mark on their house. Stairs to climb a tree. Handprints in the cement. However, sometimes more than memories are left behind.

“These are photos probably from the WWII era,” realtor, Alex Owens said.

She is in the process of selling 7915 Jarboe Street with Malfer & Associates a part of Compass Realty Group. When her client was fixing the basement to sell the home an envelope tucked in the ceiling tumbled to the ground.

“He had tried to track down previous owners and came to a standstill so he just left the photos in the house,” Owens said.

She wants to find who the photos belong to. The only clue, Jenny. A young woman who wrote a note to someone she loved.

“This was taken as one of the troops was loading on the tracks outside of the office. It’s lousy but it’s all I have. Do I look the same since you saw me last?” Jenny wrote.

“She said love, so what if this was her husband or boyfriend or someone. There’s a story here and that story is in the house. Wouldn’t it be cool to know what that story is,” Owens said.

Owens said she’s looked up property records, census records, and Jenny’s identity remains a mystery.

“I think it’s the romantic in me. I’ve probably read one too many WWII romance novels or something,” Owens said.

She’s hoping someone with a romantic heart and investigative mind can help.

“Everybody has a story. Every house has a story, and it would be really cool to connect whoever these photos belong to with the family it should be with,” Owens said.

While Jenny’s photos wait to find their own home, a new family will work on leaving their mark on 7915 Jarboe.

If you know who Jenny is or have any information about these photos please reach out to FOX4 at news@fox4kc.com. We would love to help get these photos back to the ones who will appreciate them the most.