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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — You’ve read the tales of Peter Rabbit and the Easter bunny. For some, those fluffy animals are considered pets and companions. For others, they’re another source of food.

Whole Foods Market will now be selling rabbit meat in select stores. That’s stirred a nationwide protest scheduled for this weekend.

Some people say eating a rabbit is like eating a pet. So when one woman learned that Whole Foods will sell rabbit meat, she did something about it.

Beth Chow has five rabbits and is fostering another. Up until July, she always bought vegetables for her animals at Whole Foods. That’s when she found out some stores were selling rabbit meat.

“It’s not wild rabbits that they’re selling, it’s the domestic pet breed,” she says.

Chow says she feels betrayed. The store touts meat products to be cruelty free, but she considers this anything but.

“It’s hypocritical of them because the rabbits that are generally used for animal testing are the exact same breed of rabbits that they’re now selling,” Chow says.

Only select stores nationwide will sell the meat. It’s offered based on customer demand. In a statement, Whole Foods says the meat will be consistent with Whole Foods standards. That means they won’t be caged, will be fed, treated if sick, and allowed time to rest before re-bred.

But that’s not enough for Chow to back down.

‪”I stepped up because I love my rabbits. I feel that they are companion animals, the same as a dog or a cat and they shouldn’t be selling pets,” says Chow.

So she’s joining a protest that will also be held across the nation against Whole Foods. The protest will be Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3. p.m. at the Whole Foods in Overland Park off Metcalf.

She says she’s fighting for the lives of rabbits much like the ones she cares for at home.