Why car makers eliminated spare tires from new cars

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Some car manufacturers are now eliminating the spare tires in their new cars, replacing spares instead with a repair kit that includes a gauge and power plug. In fact, one third of new cars do not come with a spare tire.

It's not a popular move.

Fox 4's Abby Eden is especially perturbed. One week after she got her new car, she got a flat!

"I know how to change a tire," Abby said. "So I was ticked off because I'm sitting here thinking, 'I could be changed and gone by now.'"

Automakers say eliminating the full-size spare tire saves fuel, frees up trunk space and 'saves' drivers from the dangers of setting up a jack on the side of the road.

In 2015, when automakers first started doing this, Triple A says it received half a million phone calls from members who got a flat and didn't have a spare.

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