Wichita police chief cites coronavirus as reason for increased drive-by shootings


WICHITA, Kan. — Drive-by shootings are up sharply in Wichita so far this year, and Police Chief Gordon Ramsay believes boredom stemming from the coronavirus lockdown is partly to blame.

Ramsay spoke in a Facebook video Tuesday. He said drive-by shootings are up 82% compared to the five-year average.  

He said many of the shootings involved young people, and he noted that with recreational centers closed and many restaurants closed, many youths have a lot of idle time.

“There’s no activities for youth and young adults, as well as employment,” Ramsay said in the video. “What we’re seeing is an increase in the shootings, we’re seeing an increase in vandalism and tagging.”

However, he said witnesses and investigators have been able to figure out who did the crimes.

“We’ve done a pretty good job in catching these offenders,” Ramsay said.



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