Wife loses passport 2 days before honeymoon, husband decides to vacation without his new wife

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(CNN) — An Indian photographer is enjoying a fabulous Italian honeymoon — without his honey.

That’s because just two days before Faizan Patel and his wife Sana were supposed to leave for their two-week trip, she realized she had lost her passport.

Patel went on the trip anyway, and kept his wife with him, kind of.

On Monday Patel tweeted out a photo of himself, traveling with Sana’s picture placed over an empty seat.

“This is how I am travelling with my wife as of now The tweet was seen by Sushma Swaraj, India’s minister of external affairs.

If she sounds like someone who can get something done, you’re right. Swaraj tweeted back to Patel to have his wife contact her; a little later Swaraj said a duplicate passport would be issued. Patel’s wife just might make it to Italy after all.

Or so Patel thought. Even though she’ll have her hands on a passport soon, he said she won’t be able get a visa until after the honeymoon is over. Bummer.

The two got married back in December and took a “mini-honeymoon” to an Indian national park, but Italy was supposed to be the real honeymoon.

“This trip was entirely planned by her,” Patel told CNN, adding that he really missed her. “I wish to see her next to me soon.”

No spouse required

So even if his wife doesn’t make the trip, Patel could still have a ball. He should just follow the example of Huma Mobin, a woman from Pakistan who posted photos of her husband-less honeymoon to Greece earlier this summer.

Mobin’s photos show her exploring the wonders of Greece, with her right arm wrapped around a husband who wasn’t there, because he couldn’t get a visa from the Greek embassy.

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