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SAN FRANCISCO – “Murder hornets” made headlines last week after they were reported to have emerged in the United States, after sightings in Washington.

Murder hornets, originating in Asia, can grow up to two inches long and are known to have a venomous sting that can kill a human if they are stung several times. They’re also strong enough to puncture a beekeeper’s suit.

But if there’s one thing that isn’t afraid of the murder hornet, it’s apparently a praying mantis!

The wild video posted on Twitter documents the showdown between the praying mantis and the murder hornet.

The clip shows the praying mantis completely still, watching the hornet, when it suddenly lunges forward and grips the hornet, which tries to twist and turn to get away.

*Warning: Video below may be graphic to some; viewer discretion advised


You can see the mantis start to peck at the hornet’s head, eventually eating it.

“Thank you for this nightmare,” one Twitter user commented on the video, which has since been viewed more than 880,000 times as of Thursday morning.