Wildlife officials looking for person who poached 2 deer in Shawnee


SHAWNEE, Kan. — Kansas wildlife officials are looking for someone who poached two deer in Shawnee.

The deer were found dead on Sunday in a wooded area near Johnson Drive and Bell Road. 

Vince Wunderlich, a game warden with the Kansas Department of Parks & Wildlife says whoever poached the deer didn’t have permission to hunt on the property.

“I’ve been here for about 10 years; I’ve only seen it a couple times,” Wunderlich said. “And usually what happens more out in the rural areas. It looked like both were shot with an arrow. So, it could have come from a bow or it could have been from a bolt, which is similar to an arrow that fits for a crossbow.”

A trophy buck, and a younger one starting to grow its antlers were left on the property.

“To find the other deer, and it was a smaller deer, and it didn’t have a chance to grow up yet. It was just horrible, and I can’t imagine someone would do that,” Wunderlich said.

He says when they found the deer one had a medium Under Armor camo print fleece on top of it, and the other had a matching gaiter mask. 

Residents caught photos of a newer model black Dodge truck with black rims leave the neighborhood.

“About two hours later, that same vehicle, come back. And then after it came back and immediately and I don’t know if it got spooked, or exactly happened,” Wunderlich said.

They are hoping someone can help them piece together who shot the deer.

“I was just horrified. Especially seeing a trophy buck and see that someone would just shoot that and not come back to get it,” Wunderlich said.

The penalty for poaching a trophy deer would begin at $5,000 and goes up from there.

If you have information on who may have shot the deer call their Operation Game Thief hotline at (877) 426-3843, or you can fill out a form on their website. You can also contact Wunderlich directly at (785) 256-3611. You can remain anonymous. 



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