‘Will you sign the mail-in vote?’ Missouri town hall viewers ask the governor questions

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri Town Hall viewers sent in questions to Governor Mike Parson over the last week. He answered them on live television during the state-wide broadcast.

Sheila Schneider asked, “Will there be a Missouri State Fair this year? People need to make plans.” The Governor expects a fair in some form, possibly without concerts

Lanette asks, “Will you sign the mail-in vote that was passed for November?” A decision coming in the next week after a review by his legal team

Kortnii Kristine asks: “Non-violent offenders are getting early releases in other states due to COVID-19. Do you want to do that too?” The governor says there’s a legal system in place, prisoners have to do time they’re sentenced to.

Amy Jenkel from Hillsboro asks, “What about a possible resurgence of coronavirus in the fall?” The governor answered, “If there is a resurgence of cases in the fall, we will be ready for that.”



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