Win for KC honors 6 local woman with awards

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Each year,  Win for KC  honors six local residents at the annual women’s sports awards celebration luncheon. The awards focus on each woman’s contribution and achievements in sports and fitness.

The UMB Senior Sportswoman Award goes to Caroline Helmkamp who has biked hundreds of miles all over the world. Caroline is a retired middle school teacher from the Kansas City Public School System and is now using her teaching talents to teach young children bike safety.

Tracey Davies has received this year`s Hallmark Cards Leadership Award. Tracey was one of the first people to bring high school girls rugby to Kansas City. She has now found seven different ruby teams in the Kansas City Metro area.

The Sprint team work award goes to the Louisburg High School girls soccer fundraising committee. The girls have raised thousands of dollars to  start a girls soccer team and have been working towards their goal for at least two years.

The  HCA Midwest Health Systems Youth Sports Girl award goes to Mariah Peters, a student at Blue Springs high school. Peters is the 2014 Class 2 Missouri state golf champion and led the team to its first overall team championship in school history. Peters used to play softball and basketball, before focusing her time on golf. She has also helped teach kids about leadership and peer pressure among other things.

The Lockton Company’s Resiliency Award goes to Mindy Corporon, who lost her son and father in the Jewish Community Center shootings in April 2014. While Mindy says the months since have been very painful, they have also been very enriching and brought many new people into her life.

When the public first heard Mindy speak after the JCC shootings, it was apparent she was a strong woman. Mindy says the strength of god, and her family and friends helped her start a foundation in honor of her dad and son called “Faith Wins.”

Faith Wins chooses to recognize the love in the world through a dialogue that encourages faith. Mindy also created a triathlon team that has raced throughout the Midwest to help spread the message.

Mindy says it was Father’s Day weekend that pushed her to finish the Win for KC Triathlon. Mindy got a triathlon jersey provider to put the faith wins logo on, and had others join her team. Mindy says this process has helped remind her that friends, family and faith always win.

Robin Sterneck is the BKD WOW Award Winner. According to Win for KC’s website, Robin has been a dedicated member of the Win for KC family for over 10 years, serving in many capacities. Robin served as interim director of Win for KC in the winter of 2013-14 after serving on the Win for KC Advisory Board and as Board Chair in 2011-2012. After moving to Kansas City, Robin has made a monumental impact as she continues to empower girls and women throughout town.

Robin Sterneck is the BKD Wow Award winner.

Sterneck has been a dedicated member of the Win for KC Family for more than ten years, serving in many capacities.

After starting as a volunteer, Sterneck went on to serve as interim director of Win for KC in the winter of 2013 and 2014 after serving on the Win for KC advisory board and as board chair in 2011 and 2012.

Since moving to Kansas City, Sterneck has made a monumental impact as she continues to empower girls and women throughout town.

The Win for KC Women`s Sports Awards Celebration Luncheon is Thursday, February 12.

The celebration will also feature, keynote speaker Amy Van Dyken-Rouen, who is a six-time Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer.



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