Winter storm causes dozens of crashes in metro, keeping first responders busy

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — First responders were busy Sunday responding to dozens of crashes all day across the metro.

Friends Charlton Chapple and Sadi Sumpter can attest to that. They were spotted running right down Bannister Road just past Holmes Road.

“There wasn’t really a sidewalk path, so we just started taking off jogging,” Charlton Chapple said.

They were headed for a gas station after their car got caught in the snow.

“Well, we were trying to get up the hill,” Sadi Sumpter said. “We couldn’t, and we slid.”

They weren’t alone. The Kansas City Fire Department said they’ve responded to more than 80 crashes Sunday. People got hurt in more than half of them.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol tweeted a video showing the incredible amount of calls that kept pouring in Sunday. Troop A in the KC area responded to more than 500 service calls. About 150 of those were crashes, and more than a dozen of them involved injuries.

Santa Fe Tow Service located in Lenexa responded to more than 125 calls, doubling the amount of tow truck drivers they usually send out to help people on the roads.

“We have been swamped,” office manager Kaileigh Kupchin said. “With the snow, we called in backup.”

Kupchin said things picked up after the Chiefs game ended. They expect to be just as busy Monday with another round of snow headed toward the city.

“Just some advice out there is to slow down,” Kupchin said. “Give yourself plenty of time to get to work on Monday. If you can, stay home and don’t get out on the roads on Monday.”

Another smart way to be prepared, pack your “Commuter Toolkit.” That way if you get stuck, you’ll have a blanket, bottled water, phone charger, food and snacks.

“After an accident, we recommend you stay inside the vehicle,” Kupchin said.

Those are some of the items the two women seen jogging wish they had stockpiled before the snowstorm.

“We’ll definitely be prepared for the next storm,” Chapple said. “We’ll have our snacks on deck and everything else we normally have for our snow days.”

Kupchin also recommends you have a tow company’s number already saved in your phone. If you’d like to reach Santa Fe Tow, dial **TOW — or **869.



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