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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — What a blizzard means to you, may mean something different to another. One KCMO man sees snowfall as a business opportunity, but it can be a rare one. It’s something Brian Bandow has been doing since he was little.

“I have a normal full time job doing concrete,” Bandow said. “I also mow in the summer too on the side, and now since we’ve got snow – I scoop snow too.”

He used to go door to door for the seemingly simple task back in Iowa. Now, as an adult, he adds on the service for his mow clients in the metro.

“I’ll shovel a driveway, and the sidewalk,” Bandow said. “If the customer wants anything else they just have to ask me.”

In the four years Bandow has been in Kansas City this is the first big snow he’s seen.

“I’ve seen a couple inches, but that’s about it,” Bandow said.

A blizzard over Thanksgiving weekend brought in more snow than the metro has seen in recent years.

“Last night I did about eight or nine in the afternoon, and today I got a ton,” Bandow said. “Maybe another eight or nine.”

It was a huge increase from the seven he did in all of last snow season.

“I got real excited,” Bandow said. “I went and bought two shovels. It’s kind of like home, back in Iowa.”

Within a matter of hours the metro went from raking leaves to scooping snow.

“The snow it makes it feel like Christmas,” Bandow said. “This is what Kansas City is like. It’s beautiful one day, and it’s cold the next.”

While you may look at what Bandow does as a simple task, he says, it’s an important one.

“I think they’re not physically able to, or have the equipment, or just don’t want to go outside,” Bandow said. “I’m young enough and in good shape that I can do it. It feels good. It’s doing self service for people. Selfless service. So, it makes you feel good about yourself.”

Bandow says he gets most of his customers via Facebook and Nextdoor in the Waldo neighborhood. He expects to be pretty busy over the next few days.