With a sense of normalcy, hundreds enjoy Memorial Day weekend carnival in Parkville


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Memorial Day is the first holiday weekend that the Kansas City area has gone without masks required in over a year.

On Sunday, hundreds visited Main Street in Parkville to enjoy the Evans Midland Empire Carnival. Visitors told FOX4 they’re simply thankful things are slowly returning to normal.

“We got in the truck to come out, and she said there’s no mask. Let’s go have fun. So here we are.“ Parkville mom Sarah Porter said.

Metro residents said it feels like we’ve turned the corner, that once again we can enjoy life as it used to be.

“It’s just nice to be able to breathe again and be around people and feel a little bit like it’s normal again,” Aaron Round, Parkville resident, said.

Residents said the vaccine has given them the courage to attend events like this weekend carnival. 

“Personally, I am vaccinated, so I think I feel a lot safer just outdoors,” Parkville resident Stephany Smiddy said. 

Local students who have worn masks almost every day in school said it feels strange to leave without one, but it’s a problem they are happy to have. 

“It is still a bit concerning, wanting to wear the mask just in case, but now that people are getting the vaccine more than ever, it’s just nice to be out again,” Parkville resident Katelyn Baeza said.

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