With an eye out for bad guys, secret weapon Officer Oliver patrols his Leawood neighborhood

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LEAWOOD, Kan. —  Metro law enforcement has a new secret weapon: Officer Oliver.

Officer Oliver Davis spends his days and nights, rain or shine, in uniform on his police motorcycle making sure his Leawood neighborhood is safe.

“I am trying to look for bad guys,” said Officer Oliver, “I have some handcuffs… and I want to see if there is any bad guys I can handcuff.”

When Officer Oliver is not looking for bad guys, he is keeping the streets safe by running a real radar gun to catch speeders.

He says some days are better than others: “Some days they are speeding. Today I only found one car speeding,” said the officer. “I try to yell ‘slow down’ but I can’t because I keep forgetting to.”

Officer Oliver has pulled a few people over and passes out “citations.” The cost for an Officer Oliver ticket is steep: A kiss on the cheek.

This officer is 5 years old, and he hasn’t wanted to be a cop his whole life, just since he was 3, when a grown-up police officer told him about bad guys and showed him around a police car. Then, it was on! Oliver asked for a police uniform for Christmas, and wore it out.

“We had to get more cause he has to wear it to prep school, he wears it to the grocery store, they know him everywhere by his police uniform,” said mom Brandi Davis.

Officer Oliver laughs and brags that he has given out his autograph, but when it comes to policing, he is all business. Hours of police training is how Officer Oliver has prepared for his very important job. His training has taken him to police departments across the metro to spend time with adult officers perfecting his skills.

Although Oliver believes he is a real police officer, he is not done yet.

“I’m gonna still be a police officer when I grow up,” he affirmed.

As FOX 4 thanked him for his service, Officer Oliver said, “Thank you,” then excused himself to continue his important job of patrolling for bad guys.

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