With big basketball tournaments coming to town, beware of ‘March Madness’ ticket scams

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — It’s the most exciting time of year for college basketball fans. But experts warn, for many people every year, “March Madness” becomes March sadness.

Every year fraudulent tickets for college basketball tournament games flood the market, and Kansas City will have more madness than most places in the country with both the Big 12 Tournament starting next week, and the NCAA Midwest Regional also happening at the Sprint Center at the end of the month.

That’s why the Better Business Bureau is telling hoops fans to be careful before splurging on tickets.

“You want to deal with somebody that you can reach back out to you if you have any issues,” Jason Durbin with Tickets For Less said. “Talk to somebody, know where you can go.”

Durbin said the vast majority of tickets to the Big 12 Tournament and the NCAA tourney games will be hard-stock, paper tickets, not the virtual tickets many have become accustomed to.

“So if somebody’s giving you a print at home piece of paper or a PDF file, that’s probably not a legitimate ticket,” Durbin said.

There will be some tickets sold directly to mobile devices for these upcoming games, but Durbin cautions you should only use verified apps the Sprint Center already uses, like “Flash Seats.”



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