KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The fight against COVID-19 continues, but not as hard as it’s been.

Kansas City area hospitals said its numbers are down and are not increasing.

St. Luke’s Hospital said it has eight COVID-19 positive patients across all hospitals.

Children’s Mercy has no patients.

University Health/ Truman Medical Center has 15 positive COVID-19 patients between downtown and east Jackson County.

Of the hospital within HCA Midwest Health, there are less than 30 COVID patients.

The University of Kansas Hospital has a total of 44 with nine active infections and three in the ICU.

The increase in cases and hospitalizations is a relief for some, but they are still cautious.

“It’s great that science has improved, and we understand it now, so things like park dates are great,” Kansas City mom Sarah Pence said.

Pence hard with her daughter and her friend Marjory Araque’s daughter.

Both said they had been cautious for months to protect them and their families.

“I have two young kids and they have a great grandpa, so we wanted to keep everybody safe,” Pence said.

The two told FOX4 they will continue monitoring things as we hit a possible endemic stage, but is it safe to put your guard down just yet?

Doctors said that decision depends on who you are.

“I think that depends on what your risk factors are for hospitalization, and severe disease and death,” Dr. Dana Hawkinson, an infectious disease physician at the University of Kansas Health System said. “Are you an older population? Do you have an immune compromised state or condition?”

Hawkinson said being vaccinated and being up to date with your vaccine plays a role too.

“What is your risk of disease, what are your loved ones or your friends risk if they catch the virus,” Hawkinson said.

Hawkinson said the endemic means there is still circulation of the virus in the community and it is still possible to contract COVID-19.