With freezing temps, workers adding new heavy duty ice melt to help Kansas City streets


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The next stage of the city’s new snow removal plan is in action.

City workers will begin adding Ice Ban to their salt spreadings. That’s a heavy duty ice killer that’s more useful in cold temperatures. When it’s piled up in a truck, the grainy substance nearly looks blue, and when it’s spread on an icy street, the pellets look like small pebbles.

Traditional rock salt won’t work as well when it gets colder than 15 degrees. That’s why Kansas City Manager Brian Platt said he’s relying on a product he’s seen used in the past, one that he first heard about while working in New Jersey. 

“This will work down into the negative digits and double negative digits — minus 15 to 20,” Platt said.

As Platt demonstrated Ice Ban’s effectiveness for reporters, he pointed out how quickly the additive went to work melting the ice on one east Kansas City street. Platt said Ice Ban is slightly more expensive than traditional salt, and the city has purchased a strong supply of it.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas has pushed Platt to seek new solutions for effective ice and snow removal. Lucas told FOX4 road maintenance and winter weather service are areas where he won’t skimp.

“Those are two areas where, no matter what budget challenges we have, and we have significant ones, this is a core delivery of services issue. We have to make sure we are using every innovative tool possible,” Lucas said on Wednesday.

Wednesday is the seventh consecutive day for 350 city workers involved in round-the-clock snow removal operations. Platt said Ice Ban is also more environmentally friendly, and less corrosive to cars.  

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