With gusty winds on the way, local tree service companies stay busy

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MERRIAM, Kan. — After scaling 60 feet up a Burr Oak tree in Merriam on Wednesday, Josh Seal with Eden Tree Service admits he sometimes calculates the risk involved with his job.

“I’m always scared. I just make it look like I’m not,” the 21-year-old said. “And that’s why I always take all the safety precautions.”

With gusty winds expecting to reach 50 mph in the Kansas City region Wednesday night into Thursday morning, Seal and the rest of the crew with Eden Tree Service are having a busy week.

Many homeowners are sizing up dead or leaning trees on their property and doing what they can to stay one step ahead of the weather.

“There’s a lot of questionable branches left over from the winter storms before that people are trying to get out, so they don’t fall,” said Brandon Bohannon, also with Eden Tree Service.

The recent warm weather and rainfall, in addition to powerful winds on the horizon, means it’s a good time for homeowners to size up potentially hazardous limbs and trees.

“With the trees being so full and the wet winter and everything starting to bloom out right now, and then, you know, Missouri weather,” Bohannon said.

He suggests the coming days and weeks are a good time for all homeowners to look for potentially dead or strained limbs and trees.

“Look for any dead wood or any major dead holes where squirrels are living in because those ones are probably the most prone to breaking off,” he said.

Homeowner John Dryden agrees — an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

“I think Mark Twain once said, ‘climate is what we expect. Weather is what we get,'” Dryden said.

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