With help from community, Kansas City couple recoups prized Pontiac Firebird Trans AM

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There is good news for the owners of a vintage 1969 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM stolen earlier this week: they got it back!

Valerie and Josh Dubois had been on vacation when someone broke into a garage and drove off with the vintage muscle car. The couple says it's more than a car -- valerie's father built it for them as a wedding gift. On Friday, they confirmed someone found the car in one piece, at 27th and Poplar in Kansas City, Mo.

"People were sharing it on Facebook so many times, and because people were spotting it and letting us know people were seeing it cruising down the community going up to 130 miles per hour. The fact that it's actually still running and in one piece is pretty incredible," Valerie told FOX 4.

Aside from some cosmetic damage, everything else appears to be fine with the car.

Josh said their custom Firebird was stolen from their Midtown home on Tuesday, and thieves had taken more than just a car.

"It’s not just metal and rubber and stuff, it’s actually a real symbol of the relationship that my wife had with her father growing up," Josh told FOX 4 on Wednesday.

He added that the thieves bypassed multiple layers of security in order to get the car from the garage. Valerie explained in detail why it was so sentimental to them.

"He (her dad) is actually the one who built my husband and I the car for a wedding gift. It was the car I dreamed about when I was a kid," Valerie said.

"We use to go to American Muscle Car shows and I described it in detail, and when he found out that I was engaged he found a junker version and said it’s a compilation of 17 different cars put together to fit my dream mobile."

No arrests in the car theft have been announced yet.



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